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Ela meke giya anith ewath puluwan nam dannako

chamara weerasinhe aiyage songs collection ekk dennko

anith wedasatahan tiketh mp3 denna puluwan nam watinawa..thanks,,

all d best chamara ayia.....ada kaleee inna supirima gayakayek oya...vboruvata boot sindu kiyagena andanna... boru aatopa na loku kam na....niyamai...

Why new singers must sing old songs ? Chamara added good point in this case. Even if I music lover didn't hear about Bol V song previously and it is unfortunate situation in my point of view.At the time chamara sung this song only I got to know the beauty of it and then listen to original song as well. To protec the old songs for future generations these are must be remake and sing by new singers. But we all are greedy about these things to give this for new generation to sing. Hence someday thses songs may obselute. Also another weakness noticed today we cannot see good song writers. But there are plenty of good voices. Think if they have good song with proper lovely poem wording (KAVEETHWAYA SAHITHA GEETHA) they can sing nicely. Think if chamara sign the Bol vee ahuru originally today how it matched to his voice. So unfortunately these talented guys most of the time sigining song like esses or documentry. Using the day today wordings which are use to communicate. Songs must have it's own wording. Also humble request for the lyrics writers please use such wording and develop good songs. Subawitha geethaya need to protect for future generation as well

ඒ හඬ ගැනනම් කියන්න දෙයක් නැහැ......

Niyama wedak thawath sindu danna.

Enter your comment...shaaa maru....anek ayage ewath danna

Elama..attatama watina deyak meka..oya tama man dakapu supirima gayakaya chamara aiye...suba anagathayak ..!!!

Amaradewa, Vicktor Ratnayaka, Sunil Edirisinghe...lath ekka ekata idan sing karanna puluwan, eyalage nama issarahata geniyanna pluwan ekama sabawaya ganaye gayakaya CHAMARA WEERASUGHE witharai..all the best.

ඔබ විසින් පලකරන අදහස, අප විසින් කියවා අනුමැතිය දෙන තුරු මෙහි දක්නට නොලැබේ.